Rome, Domus Aventina


Monday April 18th, 2016



Rome, Largo Arrigo VII


Archaeological Superintendency of Rome – Dr. Alessandra Capodiferro


These are two painted environments, one made by stucco columns, and a crypto-portico both parts of a domus in its hypogeus floor as shown by the originally made wolf-mouth opening .

The late Republican age domus preserves both painted plasters and not painted ones, columns covered with stucco and original floors, all presenting as a whole many conservation problems of different nature due to the environmental conditions which reveal a presence of humidity up to 98%, as a consequence of its position right below a garden of a private property and with the walls leaning against an embankment.


Our intervention related to this site takes many years  to develop since 2006 and mostly consists in continuous maintenance which involves constant work aimed at consolidation, cleaning and regular disinfection from microorganisms, removal of salts on the painted surfaces. In addition, in 2007 was carried out a restoration work and a relocation of some painted panels which were part of the first room, which had been detached in the seventies and then abandoned in a warehouse.
Since then, a constant maintenance and the development of a controlled and constantly monitored air conditioning system do guarantee the preservation of the fine art in all its parts.