Naples, Santa Chiara cloister, riggiole designed by Domenico Antonio Vaccaro


Thursday June 16th, 2016



Arch. Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, Donato and Giuseppe Massa potters


XVIII century


Naples, Santa Chiara Monastery


Superintendence for the Artistic and Historical Heritage of Naples – Dr. Annachiara Alabiso


The works were carried out in several batches from 1987 to 2000


In the years 1982/86 the Cloister was studied  for the identification of the causes of degradation, for the design of structural works required to eliminate or minimize the presence of water in decorative apparatus of the support walls and in order to implement the most suitable restoration techniques.

In 1987  began the work aimed at the conservation treatments and restoration.

A sequence of interventions have been leading up to the rehabilitation work, also in order to offer protection to the tiles in the drying stages. In a second phase have been developed the cleaning and removal system of the scale, a fixing system related to the lifted glaze and a reintegration one, keeping an eye on the need for an accurate work which has to be done on a large-scale surface.


The actual works of restoration were begun after the first years of experimentation, and the continued in subsequent batches to allow a correct sequence of operations and to understand the drying time needed.

By the time the protection operations have been optimized, along with the mechanical cleaning from scales, the  consolidation in depth before and in surface after, to which were followed  the choices of reintegration and aesthetic presentation of the gaps made in accordance with the D.L.   The result of the preliminary studies and the method of work were published in the magazine n Kermes. 18, 1993 Nardini Editor by Alessandra Risolo and in Materials and Structures year I, number 2, 1991 The herm of Bertschneider, edited by G.Torraca, P.Mora, P.P. Rossi.