Friday December 23rd, 2016

Vatican Museum, Braccio Nuovo re-opening

On december 22 Braccio Nuovo has been reopened to the public, completely restored.

A comprehensive intervention, started in 2009 with the gradual conservative restoration of the entire collection of classical works, and integrated with the maintenance of the museum neoclassical environmental surfaces (…) therefore involving “container and content” of that architectural complex erected by Pope Pius VII in the first half of the 800 to allow the return from France of works confiscated by Napoleon.

The work,hardly desired by the Director Antonio Paolucci, who  finished its mandate with this inauguration, have seen together in good harmony four restoration companies, CBC Cooperative, Erre Consortium, R.O.M.A. CROMA Consortium and Consortium.

The whole work was directed by archaeologists and historians of the Vatican Museums, with the support of the Laboratory of Diagnostic and Technical Director of the restorers of the Laboratory of marbles and the one of paintings.

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Friday December 23rd, 2016